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Re-Envisioning Cell Theory (Part 1)

Now available for courses, From Cells to Organisms delves into the nature of scientific practice, showing that results are interpreted not only through the lens of a microscope, but also through the lens of particular ideas and prior philosophical convictions. In a new three-part blog series, author Sherrie L. Lyons will discuss her book and delve into the history of cell theory. In part one, she examines the question: “What makes something alive?”

The Critical Importance of Public Health – Canada’s Response

Raisa B. Deber, author of Treating Health Care and co-author of Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management, Second Edition, writes on the blog about the critical importance of public health, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and she reflects on the way Canada’s health care system has been coping. We’ve also included an excerpt from Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management, which looks at the Canadian response to the SARS outbreak in 2003.

How to Cope with Impossible Things (like COVID-19)

Robert Maunder and Jonathan Hunter both work at Mount Sinai Hospital and have first-hand experience of working in the midst of COVID-19. In this post, they give a first-hand account of what the current pandemic looks like from inside a hospital, and they let us in on a three-step process that can put the COVID-19 outbreak into perspective, and how we can all feel a little less overwhelmed.

Isolation Reading for the Week of April 6

Here at UTP, we’ve decided to bring you some great books chosen by our staff for your work-from-home reading. Check in with us every Monday for some fantastic book recommendations. Kicking off our weekly staff picks is our marketing manager of humanities and trade books, Anna Maria Del Col.