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What is Metadata?

Welcome to the first of a series of blog posts on metadata and why it is important. The information in these posts is great for authors and editors alike, so please read, share, and send us your thoughts. These posts are derived from a presentation done by UTP’s Production Manager, Antonia Pop. Antonia spoke on […]

Tips For Improving Your Academic Essay Writing

Many students struggle in developing the skills to write an academic paper in their post-secondary careers.  In high school, students are often instructed on how to compose descriptive essays, whereas University professors expect their first year pupils to be able formulate an in-depth critical analysis.  Learning how to translate an insightful idea into a clearly […]

How To Cite Social Media in an Academic Paper

In the age of digital advancements, it was expected that research published online would become a credible source to include in the composition of scholarly writing.  This practice has now expanded to encompass social media.  But how do you cite it? Guidelines have finally been developed for MLA and APA style.  Find out how to […]

Advice for anyone entering the publishing industry: learn to code!

As e-publishing seems to be fast overtaking traditional print publishing, it is more important than ever to learn the basics of coding. Even if you don’t plan on working directly with code, it can still be a valuable skill to have in this quickly changing industry. For anyone with no computer science background, learning code […]

Ten Rules for Academic Writing

This blog post originally appeared as an article in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 42.2 (2011).1 By Stephen K. Donovan Simple formulae exist for solving some problems, but not for others. When I was a telephone engineer in London during the mid-1970s, the mechanical complexity of an exchange working on the Strowger electro- mechanical system […]