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Behind the Book with William Lowell Randall

William Lowell Randall is the author of The Stories We Are: An Essay on Self-Creation, Second Edition. In The Stories We Are, William Lowell Randall explores the links between literature and life and speculates on the range of storytelling styles through which people compose their lives.

Behind the Book with David Zussman

David Zussman is the author of Off and Running. Off and Running sets the stage for successful transitions by describing the best practices from Canadian federal government transitions from 1984 to the present day. Zussman goes step-by-step through the transition process from the pre-election stage to transition planning all the way to implementation and consolidation of the new government.

Behind the Book with Peter Ennals

Peter Ennals is the author of Opening a Window to the West. The first book-length study of Kōbe’s Foreign Concession, Opening a Window to the West situates Kōbe within the larger pattern of globalization occurring throughout East Asia in the nineteenth century.

Behind the Book with Barbara Alfano

Barbara Alfano is the author of The Mirage of America in Contemporary Italian Literature and Film. In this study, Barbara Alfano looks at the ways in which the individuals portrayed in these works – and the intellectuals who created them – confront the cultural construct of the American myth.

Behind the Book with Vin Nardizzi

Vin Nardizzi is the author of Wooden Os. Wooden Os is a study of the presence of trees and wood in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries – in plays set within forests, in character dialogue, and in props and theatre constructions.