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On the Origins of A Short History of the Middle Ages

Our brand new blog launches this week, and we could think of no better author to help us kick off our virtual festivities! Barbara H. Rosenwein, author of the bestselling textbook A Short History of the Middle Ages provides us with a very insightful and fascinating trip back to the inception of her textbook project – a project that has now spanned decades and influenced thousands of young medievalists.

Capacities for Compassion: From Water to Wine

Released earlier this year, From Water to Wine explores how Angola has changed since the end of its civil war in 2002. The text’s themes are relevant to making sense of both the current crisis and the deeper questions facing Angola. Author Jess Auerbach discusses these in our latest blog post.

SHIFTing the Mindset During COVID-19: Part 2 “Rhythm”

In part 2 of the new blog series, “SHIFTing the Mindset During COVID-19,” Eileen Brown discusses the concept of executional “rhythm,” and why organizations that lack rhythm do not have the ability to be proactive or pivot seamlessly to deal with unexpected demands during the coronavirus pandemic.