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An Excerpt from Creating Gender-Inclusive Organizations

Released in the spring, Creating Gender-Inclusive Organizations by Ellen Ernst Kossek and Kyung-Hee Lee, offers fresh insights on diversity, inclusion, and female leadership in the workplace. in this post, we share an excerpt from the book, written by contributor Nina Swanson, who has been working in organization development, talent, and learning for more than twenty years.

Environmental Politics in an Ever-Changing Political Context

With classes resuming in September, we thought it would be a good time to reach out to Andrea Olive, author of The Canadian Environment in Political Context. The second edition of her textbook was released last fall and in this post, we asked Andrea about the changes that have taken place in Canadian environmental politics since the release of the first edition back in 2015.

From the Editors: American Sociological Association 2020

This weekend, we were due to be in San Francisco, California, to attend the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, like many things this year, the meeting was cancelled, meaning we won’t get the chance to meet with everyone and showcase our latest books. Our acquisitions editors Jodi Lewchuk, Carli Hansen, and Meg Patterson wanted to send a message to those who would have been in attendance at ASA and share how you can contact them to discuss potential projects.

To Confront the Climate Crisis, Team Humanity Must Apply Social Science

Lead for the Planet: Five Practices for Confronting Climate Change will be the first title in our brand new trade imprint, Aevo UTP, to be released on September 1. Written by Rae André, climate change educator and bestselling author, the book guides concerned citizens and business leaders to take on the climate crisis by detailing five key practices for effective sustainability leadership. In the first of three posts, André looks at why applying social science will help Team Humanity to tackle the climate crisis.

An Excerpt from Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society

Stuart Shanker is renowned for using cutting-edge neuroscience to help children feel happy and think clearly by better regulating themselves. In his new book, Reframed, Shanker explores self-regulation in wider, social terms. In this post, we share an excerpt from the introduction of the book.