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The African Canadian Legal Odyssey

The African Canadian Legal Odyssey explores the history of African Canadians and the law from the era of slavery until the early twenty-first century.

Celebrating Black History Month

As February is Black History Month, University of Toronto Press would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and honour the history of African Canadians and Americans.

007, eh?: An Inside Look at Secret Service

So would you believe that Canadian spies have been running covert operations largely hidden from public or parliamentary scrutiny – complete with undercover agents, secret sources, agent provocateurs, coded communications, elaborate files, and all the usual apparatus of deception and betrayal so familiar to fans of spy fiction?

UTP Highlights from Congress 2012

One of our favourite events of year here at UTP is the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences: we get to spend quality face-to-face time with our authors, hear about innovative research at a variety of panels and sessions, and present a whole year’s worth of new publications at the Book Expo.