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The Tyranny of the Typo

Our Production Editor, Beate Schwirtlich, discusses the age-old tyranny of the typo and the impact of digital technology on proofreading and copyedting.

The Book Price Enigma

Our Sales Manager, Michelle Lobkowicz, discusses the rough terrain of textbook prices.

The Life of a Higher Ed Sales Rep

Our publisher’s representative, Kris Gies, provides some insight into the life and motivations of a higher ed sales rep.

Publishing with UTP Higher Education

Our Editor, Natalie Fingerhut, describes the personalized treatment that authors receive when they publish with the Higher Education Division at UTP.

The Launch of the Teaching Culture Blog

The Higher Education Division of UTP would like to announce the launch of its new Teaching Culture blog, which first hit the World Wide Web during the annual meeting of the AAA in San Francisco.