The Launch of the Teaching Culture Blog

The Higher Education Division of UTP would like to announce the launch of its new Teaching Culture blog, which first hit the World Wide Web during the annual meeting of the American Anthropology Association (AAA) in San Francisco (#AAA2012).

The site is now live at

Our hope is that this space will become an active online forum for anthropologists and those interested in the social sciences and in pedagogy to discuss teaching and learning strategies, as well as the kinds of supports they require in today’s undergraduate anthropology classroom. The site is named after our popular series, Teaching Culture: UTP Ethnographies for the Classroom, which has pedagogy at the core of its mandate.

While the Teaching Culture series currently focuses on publishing ethnographies designed specifically for the undergraduate classroom, we hope the blog can provide an opportunity for academics to rant, share, proselytize, or criticize anything and everything to do with teaching as well as textbooks. We anticipate discussions that will touch on many different strategies and we understand that many of them will have nothing to do with books. We are excited about the possibilities!

Ultimately, our hope is that in building a community of anthropologists interested in pedagogy and in understanding some of the challenges faced in the classroom, we can develop a fresh, relevant, and creative anthropology publishing program to support instructors and their students. Please visit the site to learn more, or follow us on Twitter (@TeachingCulture) as we grow in the coming weeks and months!