July 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round-up of some UTP highlights for the month of July.

Daniel Quinlan attended the International Political Science Association World Congress in Montreal.

Karen Balcom’s Traffic in Babies was awarded the 2013/14 Donald Shepard Humanities Book Prize (McMaster University prize).

Seeking Talent for Creative Cities, edited by Jill L. Grant, was awarded the Atlantic Planning Institute’s 2014 Planning Excellence Award in the Special Research Study category.

On July 30th, B.W. Powe gave a talk based on his book Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye at the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.

New Releases in July:
Theodahad: A Platonic King at the Collapse of Ostrogothic Italy by Massimiliano Vitiello
Reviewing Mario Pratesi: The Critical Press and Its Influence by Anne Urbancic
Elements of Environmental Management by Werner Antweiler
Afghanistan Remembers: Gendered Narrations of Violence and Culinary Practices by Parin Dossa
A Bibliography of Robertson Davies by Carl Spadoni and Judith Skelton Grant
Employment Equity in Canada: The Legacy of the Abella Report edited by Carol Agócs
Religious Radicalization and Securitization in Canada and Beyond edited by Paul Bramadat and Lorne Dawson
Bonnie Sherr Klein’s ‘Not a Love Story’ by Rebecca Sullivan
Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition by Robert J. Muckle

New in Paper in July:
Chasing Reality: Strife over Realism by Mario Bunge
Emergence and Convergence: Qualitative Novelty and the Unity of Knowledge by Mario Bunge