The Canadian Historical Review Commemorates the Centenary of the First World War with an Open Access Bibliography

can.95.2_frontOn August 4, 2014 Canadians marked the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The centennial has not only given Canadians an opportunity to commemorate the anniversary and honour our fallen soldiers, but to discuss the war and the ways it has been studied, remembered, and forgotten over the past century. This conversation has brought together historians, the general public interested in the past, and the broader heritage community.

Over the past century, the Canadian Historical Review has constantly ignited scholarly discussion of the First World War. Since its first issue in 1920, numerous articles have been published directly related to the war, which reflect an impressive range of topics and methodologies as well as general trends in Canadian and international historiography. The history of the war and how historians have studied and taught it is, in no small measure, also the history of the CHR.

In honour of the 100th anniversary, the Canadian Historical Review has published a collection of scholarship on the war. All of the articles listed in this bibliography are available open access to the general public. You will find the bibliography complete with hyperlinks to each article on our website at We invite you to explore these articles and look forward to seeing how commemoration and new trends in scholarship will inspire future work in the Canadian Historical Review. Happy reading!