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One Weird Trick to Avoid a Complete Financial Meltdown

Providing insights into the evolution of the global political economy, From Malaise to Meltdown: The International Origins of Financial Folly, 1844– identifies the main instigators behind the global financial crises we’ve seen in the last two hundred years. In this post, author Michael Lee details some of these cases and looks at what lessons we can learn from them. 

“Mosaic Fictions: Writing Identity in the Spanish Civil War” and Picturing Canadians

We invited Emily Robins Sharpe, author of Mosaic Fictions: Writing Identity in the Spanish Civil War, to discuss her book which examines Canadian Spanish Civil War literature and reveals texts composed between the war’s outbreak and the present to illuminate the integral connections between Canada’s developing national identity and global leftist action.

Researching “The Typewriter Century”

As a vehicle for outstanding creativity, the typewriter has been taken for granted and was, until now, a blind spot in the history of writing practices. The Typewriter Century: A Cultural History of Writing Practices provides a cultural history of the typewriter and explores “celebrity writers,” including Henry James, Jack Kerouac, Agatha Christie, Georges Simenon, and Erle Stanley Gardner. In this post, author Martyn Lyons shares what a day in the life of a researcher looks like as he discusses some of the meticulous archival research that went into his book.

Sketches of Tourism and the Pandemic in Peru

Released this month, The Living Inca Town: Tourist Encounters in the Peruvian Andes presents a rich case study of tourism in Ollantaytambo, a rapidly developing destination in the southern Peruvian Andes and the starting point for many popular treks to Machu Picchu. Part of the Teaching Culture: UTP Ethnographies for the Classroom series, the book offers a rich ethnographic study of gender and other dimensions of tourism in a world heritage site. In this post, author Karoline Guelke looks at the impact COVID-19 has had on the region.

For Sale: Everything or Nothing?

Published late last year, Organs for Sale: Bioethics, Neoliberalism, and Public Moral Deliberation studies the bioethical question of how to increase human organ supply, a subject that has become a lively and public moral deliberation in recent years. In this post, author Ryan Gillespie discusses some of these debates and asks what kind of society we truly want.